Bottleless Water Coolers


Bottled water is always a trade-off between taking care of your health or the environment.

The ION by Natural Choice Water is always bottle-free, and always freshly filtered, not stagnant sitting for weeks in a plastic container.

Turn on the tap and relax, knowing you’re doing the right thing for your body and the planet.


What could be simpler than replacing 8,000 bottles with a single Natural Choice filter?

You’re not only saving the landfills, with the ION Natural Choice you’re saving a lot of money.

No more trips to the supermarket or dropping coins in a vending machine. No more deliveries or tie-ups at the loading dock or freight elevator. No security clearances for delivery personnel.

Who knew going green could be so simple.


Since 1990 Natural Choice has been developing smart, sophisticated products that have always been environmentally responsible.

From replacing bottled water to conserving energy with product features such as SleepMod™ Natural Choice’s green initiatives have always enhanced our products, without sacrificing quality.

Smart products, smart designs, smart decision!...Welcome to Natural Choice.